1. Teacher of Developing Era Award
  2. Award of Invaluable Contribution To Serve Education
  3. The Award for Teacher for Introducing  New Dimensions in Technical Fields.
  4. Teacher of Huge Potential to Serve Mankind
  5. Most Ambitious Engineer Award
  6. Engineer with Special Dream Award
  7. Industrialist of the Year Award
  8. Industrialist with Innovative Vision Award
  9. Outstanding Researcher Award
  10. Researcher with Most Feasible Concept Award
  11. Young Conceiver of the Year Award
  12. The Award of Excellence in PG/Pre & Post Doctorial Research
  13. Best Paper Presentation Award
  14. Most Inspirational Presentation Award
  15. Most Concrete Scholar Award.
  16. Excellence with Intellect Scholar Award
  17. Scholar with Austerity Award
  18. Scholar with Immense Zeal and Curiosity Award
  19. Rabindranath Tagore Award of Humanism
  20. Malala Yousafzai Award Of Women Empowerment
  21. APJ Abdul Kalam Engineering Award 
  22. Lifetime Achievement award